Jupiter Businessman and Attorney Tony Bennett will make it a priority to protect our neighborhoods, restore our environment, and secure our unique way of life.

Northern Palm Beach County is a truly diverse community, one that I have known my entire life. We deserve an honest voice on the Palm Beach County Commission that can truly speak for the folks in the north end. With your support, I believe I can be that voice.

– Tony Bennett


Experience in Action

I’m not a career politician, I’m a father, husband and friend. I don’t believe that experience should be measured in dollars, it should be measured in actions.

I’ve spent my entire career as an attorney fighting for the rights of the injured and those accused of crimes. My success is a result of my effort. Throughout my life I have always known my advantage is that I can make a difference when I try. It requires a real investment of your self, but when someone is looking to you as their only hope – I don’t know how else to act. I rise to the need. This campaign is no different.

The bottom line is that I get results. Support me as your County Commissioner and I will get results for you.

Tony’s Top Issues

Restoring the Environment to Protect our Economy


As a lifelong Floridian, I have a deep appreciation of the many ways the natural beauty of our state enrich our lives.  Our waterways, beaches, and sawgrass serve as the economic engine of our communities. If we fail to protect them, tourism will suffer, recreational boating and fishing will dry up, and commerce will slow.

Palm Beach County has a unique role in restoring the Everglades, and protecting against pollution and over-development that will decimate tourism, cripple our economy and threaten our unique way of life.

We are running out of time to get it right!

Protecting Our Neighborhoods with Smart Growth


Unfettered development shortchanges our neighborhoods and strains our infrastructure and overall qualify of life. We need somebody who will look out for the regular business owner or resident who doesn’t have a lobbyist. Somebody who will stand up to the bureaucrats downtown and help to cut red tape and fees that have piled up over the last decade.

Its time we have somebody downtown who will manage growth in a way that protects the character of our neighborhoods, while at the same time providing appropriate opportunities for our children to start their families in our community.

New Ideas for Tomorrow that Honor our Heritage


I’m not a career politician or government insider.  I’m a father, businessman, attorney, neighbor and product of Northern Palm Beach. I am thoroughly invested with you and our neighbors in the future of our community, yet keenly aware of our unique heritage.

I am asking you to join with us!  Each day we waste without moving forward together poses a greater risk that we may never be able to repair the Broward-ization of northern Palm Beach!


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Tony Bennett, Democrat, for County Commission District 1

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